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UFF SCOOL kviečia grįžti į mokyklą ir gilinti savo žinias! Jeigu Tau įdomūs kasdieniniai mados ritualai, apie juos pasikalbėti ir kaip teisingai juos naudoti gali išmokti mūsų mokykloje. Kalbame apie stilių, makiažą, šukuosenas, Jūsų kasdienį gyvenimą ir ypatingas šventes.


Kviečiame mokytis visus! Lauksime jūsų kartu su savo antromis pusėmis, vaikais ir tėvais. Pažadame, kad čia nenuobodžiausi ir visi tapsime UFF SCHOOL komanda!


Mitais ir legendomis apipintus mados bei grožio ritualus turi žinoti kiekvienas. Išmokę valdyti visas disciplinas – išmoksime būti savimi!

Reading and writing are key factors for the child’s education, for its development and also for interacting in the future with our current society. From the educational field, we work with children from the first age to work their learning. But what is reading and writing really? The reading provides information and understands the surrounding reality, while writing facilitates the transmission of information and knowledge. To master both cases, however, it is important to learn the codes, the letters, their shape, sound and value, and understand how they combine and what sense they make. To reach this communicative stage, different stages are overcome, use this link to read more about it. Literacy learning is a constant and dynamic process, which is based on previously constructed pillars, such as the internalization of spellings and forms, their comparison, the logical deduction and generalization of textual combinations, motor skills or problem-solving. But this acquisition of knowledge has to be fluid, without forcing it, since there may be children who are not yet prepared. Although the curiosity of the little ones will facilitate the willingness to learn when their maturity pushes them into this facet, it is important to work on different strategies so that it is something playful and that slowly but effectively warms up. It can be with games for spatial orientation, laterality, auditory memory, fine motor skills, spoken language or phonological awareness.

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